Brandish Series
■Brandish 1 Prologue■
Dela Delon runs after Ares for involving in her master's death. When Dela fumed fire ball, it hit the ground and they fell into the deep underground....
■Brandish 2 The Planet Buster Prologue■
"Sowrder with Planet Buster will arrive at this kingdom....." "Planet Buster"---- the powerful sword which can even destroy a planet. With this prediction, the king sent his follower to Ares, to have the sword. Ares collapsed in the middle of desert and got caught in chains.
■Brandish 3 Spirit of Balcan Prologue■
Balcan was a former teacher of Dela Delon. He also knew Ares for some reason. Now he is departed, but his bequest leads Dela and Ares to the final battle..
Hero. Handle of the sword is good, wandering swordsman. And bounty, bounty hunters. Once upon a time seems to have been mercenary.。
←Dela Delon
A beautiful witch and sworn enemy of Ares for having murdered her teacher.

Woman champion of the arena. Body that has been forged weapons.
←Karl Cares
Mercenary known and Ares. It captured the Ares fallen addicted to surgery in the desert.

■Brandish 4 FATA MORGANA TEMPLUM Prologue■
FATA MORGNA TEMPLUM (the tower of god) was discoverd in Ka lua desert, which spreads between a Suelang and Gidiar. The tower was full of the wisdom of the lost ancient times including the crest which modeled the four major elements. Although people set about investigation to have possetion of the wisdom, a skillful mechanism is spread around the inside of a tower, and the whole picture is not yet revealed.
A skillful and dexterous thief who steals for a living.Failed to theft, and sent to the tower for excavation workers as criminals.
An elf girl training hard to become a maiden of the shrine. She had a tragic childhood and was brought up in the convent.

Beautiful woman thief known as "Blaze Sorcerer". She enters the tower for hidden treasure.
A mysterious man with amnesia but is a master of the sword and magic.