The Palin of archaeologists, parents have been deposited in the house between grandpa excavation trip. One time, I help a little girl who had been barking dog in the city. But the child is not unusual .... Do you think in the streets as usual, if you find a mysterious hole in the corner of strange wall, and would like to pass under? Everyone, story that should have dreamed once kit.
It is the personality are fairly loose, but it is also a Gabby a Oshama.
OBAKE equal to the brother of PINO. Calm, the centerpiece of OBAKE HOME.

It is no sense of direction in the clunker, but gently, idle existence of the ghost home.
A mysterious person. I also cut my head as well as a master of various weapons.
Ys vs. Sorano-Kiseki ALTERNATIVE SAGA
Threaten the kingdom from ancient times ・ XANADU of legend, King Dragon "devil Galcis". People who do the song Lucifer, chopped re-invited the souls of warriors across time and space, that song does a person of his Shi awakening. Now, when the devil revival visited, warrior was about to be summoned from another world ....
Swordsman standing arms characteristic of fiery red hair.
Reliable regular guy to adventure around the world along with the Adol

It is pride a minded but root straightforward. Prowess bow indeed.
Descendant of the hero Jenosu. A white knight dual wield.

It was a reckless character, but growing to be able to rely on people. Stick fighting of the good father charged.
In the double sword use, partner of Estelle. And experience the power of Bracer as the ace class.

Apprentice technician workshop. Guiding force cannon alter, modify, or downsizing yourself be reckoned with.
Bracer redhead freely wield a big sword. Nature a loner basis.

Brave creature to a part-time job in order to buy a gift for her.
Creatures of mystery that leads the warriors. It seems to be changing the appearance.
Neitial master who make the summoning of spirits "Neitial" notice that there are. In other identifying truly Neitial, and do not of a champion, "VantageMaster" a person who manipulate ruled the continent. Now, fight Neitial Masters begins.
Witch apprentice was apprenticed to Meruretto. It is a tomboy, but are blessed to quality.
Woman fighter. Personality is also refreshing.

Bandits chasing a dream. For quick-footed, and I've never caught.
Young Duke with a wide house and territory. In the breast, it seems to have some hidden ambition.
<KIGAN-CASTLE> To make an appearance fog is applied to the lake. The figure that disappear if close. Dynasty was a knight while downfall, young knight will be on top of the boat toward the town along with the girl of acquaintance, to see the castle that emerge in the fog.
Youth called "Knights of the last" in posterity. I respect the faith and pride of the knight.
Girl to travel along with the main character. Knowledge of the archaeological wealth.
The Legend of Xanadu Series
■The Legend of Xanadu Prologue■
Brave Eyneas legendary 1000 years ago, was the hero king. Areios its descendant is, but fight against Cacos with Dimos of loyal ...
■The Legend of Xanadu II Prologue■
Was getting back the peace by working Areios of our country. Areios who returned to the capital along with the Dimos knows fellow has gone missing. For the search, Areios set off to the New World along with the Dimos.
A descendant of a legendary brave man. He has a strong sense of justice and is loved by everyone.
A maiden in the service of the goddess Esther.

A loyal retainer of Areios and a master fencer.
A tomboyish witch girl who is secretly in love with Areios.
Relieve prey today, bounty hunter-mail Elf was thinking of going out of business. At that time, and the eyes in the name of ultra-high bounty, and will bloom flower person at the end, she goes out on a journey to catch the bounty.
A tomboyish and a little clumsy girl that earns her living wining prizes.
A timid and kind wizard boy.

A monster, often complaining but is easily moved to tears.
Dragon Slayer The Legend of heroes Series
■Dragon Slayer The Legend of heroes Prologue■
Prince ・ Serios king were killed, was young is that it is brought up in the city. One day in front of the throne after 10 years, the city is attacked by a monster. Serios stand up in order to prevent the ambition behind-the-scenes-regent Acdam of the incident.
■Dragon Slayer The Legend of heroesII Prologue■
Restoration of the earthquake is over, Atrus set off in response to life to deliver the personal letter of sympathy to the leaders of countries from father Serios. Along the way, I know the existence of the world in the basement of the continent.
A prince fighting to save his mother country.
grandchild of resistance leader.

Pritend as a mining workman, his real identity is teh progeny of master thief.