Download Vantage Master Online Now!

Now you can download Vantage Master Online with no charge, no registration, just clicking on the links below. This game is not limited by time or features. Just a click and then you will experience the fantastical world of Vantage Master!

OS Windows 95/98/Me/XP
CPU Pentium, 486DX2/66MHz or more
(Pentium/100MHz or more recommended)
RAM 16MB or more
HD 27MB and more
DISPLAY 640*480 256colors
CD-ROM Double speed driver or more
Sound MIDI VMOnline.exe(20.1MB)
Vector VMOnline.exe(20.1MB) VMOnline.exe(20.1MB) VMOnline.exe(20.1MB)

How to Decode Archive
Choose one of the above download sites.
All files are ZIP compressed archives. Decode the downloaded file by decoding software.
If you do not have any decoding software, download the software from below.

StuffIt Expander (Aladdin Systems, for Windows 98 or higher)

Lhasa.exe(for Windows)

Decode the downloaded file by using expansion software. The folder "VMO_WIN" will be created.
Click vmv2.exe in VMO_WIN folder.

Click VMOnline.exe. It will automatically extract. Opne the folder "VMO" created under C drive. Click vmv2.exe in VMO_WIN folder.

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