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Vantage Master, the most popular simulation RPG game produced by Falcom, is now ready for the users overseas! No need for registration, no need for payment, and it is NOT limited edition.

Fantasy Simulation RPG with Unprecedented System

The most attractive point of Vantage Master is the element of simulation game. Vantage Master is basically a simulation RPG, but the cumbersome system of simulation RPG is reduced as much as possible.

The rule is very simple. To win the battle, all you have to do is reduce the enemy's HP to 0. You summon the spirit called NATIAL, which is divided into 4 attribute, earth, water, fire, and heaven. You always have to remember that 4 attributes are supirior and inferior to one another. Winning the battle requires lots of thinking....get ready for intellectual simulation!

System Requirement
OS : Windows95/98/Me/XP
CPU : Pentium,486DX2/66MHz or more (Recommended Pentium/100MHz and more)
RAM : 16MB or more HD : 27MB and more Display : 640*480 256color
CD-ROM : Double speed drive or more Sound : MIDI

Online Manual Complete Playing Manual is available HERE

Check Online Manual for battle systems, network battles and playing tips.

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No need for registration, it is NOT limited edition.
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